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Nursing homes

Living Well in a Nursing Home:  Everything You and Your Folks Need to Know, by Lynn Dickinson, M.A., and Xenia Vosen, Ph.D., with Severine Biedermann

     The book explains "the ins and outs of choosing and making the best use of a nursing home," says the back cover.

     The book has a helpful questionnaire that helps you determine whether a plan for care of the elderly person in your own home has a realistic chance of working for you and your family.  There is also a helpful chapter entitled "Your Feelings Matter More than You May Think"  


The Eldercare Handbook:  Difficult Choices, Compassionate Solutions, by Stella Mora Henry, R.N., with Ann Convery

     The book "helps readers navigate the daunting logistics and powerful emotions of making care decisions for an elderly parent or loved one.  Drawing from her 36 years as a registered nurse and a nursing home administrator, as well as her experience caring for both her parents (both of who suffered the ravages of Alzheimer's disease), Henry tackles all the tough issues:  spotting the warning signs of dementia, redefining sibling roles, doing a walk-through at an assisted living facility [and] nursing home, making the move, and coping with 'take me home!' demands."--from the book's cover